My Summer Bucket List!


Today I’ve got The Summer Bucket List tag!

I know it’s kind of late to be posting this, but I would still like to do these things.

So now on to the 15 things I would like to get done this summer:

1. Get more followers on my blog. 

Ever since I made this new blog I haven’t really got that many people following it, so that is one of my top things. (If you follow and enjoy this blog, tell your friends!)

2. Learn how to do gymnastics!  

I’ve literally wanted to do gymnastics since the Summer Olympics in London XD. I’ve tried to teach myself gymnastics, and it doesn’t really work.

3. Post more inspirational blogs.

I wrote one or two over at my other blog, and they were a ton of fun (and challenging)!

4. Go on a road trip! 

I went on a 3-week road trip with my crazy family in 2012, and I have been wanting to go on another one ever since. But this probably won’t happen any time this summer :).

5. Post a blog every week.

This is literally so random, but I just thought of it XD. I think I really should do it. What do you guys think?

6. Play messy twister.

I’ve seen this on pinterest so much lately and want to do it so badly!

7. Sleep in the back of my dad’s pickup truck.

 Me and two of my sisters tried this and wound up going inside at about 2 a.m. 😛

8. Have a photo-shoot with one of my friends. 

I’ve come across so many adorable pictures to take with your friends, and I really want to try some of them this summer :).

9. Go zip-lining with my Great Grandmom!

This probably won’t happen…. But my Great Grandmom DID said she will go with me and my sisters. (She’s so awesome!)

10. Walk through a drive through.

This would be pretty hilarious.

11. Use the computer less. 

I’ve recently gotten better about using the computer less. I want to keep that going :).

12. Continue running.

The past week or so I’ve been running a pretty good amount and I’d love to continue that!

13. Hold my breath (under water) for longer.

I can’t hold my breath under water for longer than 12 seconds. It would be spectacular to be able to hold my breath for longer :D.

14. Help one of my friends set up a blog.

Actually, I just accomplished this one! Make sure to check out Maddi’s new blog.

15. Go the American Girl store! 

I just accomplished this last weekend. (I’ll be posting about that on DollDIYs soon.)


I nominate…
– Allison  –Megan – Rebekah – Maddi –

I’ve also just decided to try doing #5 until the end of summer… So I have a lot of blogs to write. 😉

And again, sorry this is so late in the summer–I totally forgot that I started to write it :p.



23 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List!

  1. I LOVE holding my breath! I can hold mine for 70 seconds, and since I like to surf I always try to beat my record so god forbid I actually needed to hold my breath for a while, I’d be prepared! You just need to get in the pool regularly and practice, a lot! Count in your head, or what I really like is having someone tap me every ten seconds! Float at the top so you don’t waste your breath going up or down. When you are ready to go up, suck in, and kind of swallow the air in your mouth and you can stay under for about ten more seconds! Just a bunch of tips!

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