The Grand Emporium

The three-story emporium has everything your family will need: clothing, toys, food, and dishes :). And free parking!


Outside the store you can buy vanilla ice cream in a shinny gold goblet, which is great for your kids after or before you shop. (Yup, ice cream is allowed in the store!)


We only hire the best-of-the-best trained workers. If you need any help, ask one of the sales ladies; she’ll be ready to help–with a smile on her face!


We even pick the best window washers. Really! Look out any of the windows, and if they don’t shine, make sure to tell the manager.


Just walking through the rotating door will make your kids fall in love with shopping!


On the first floor you will find all the clothing your family will need. You will find hats for your husband and perfume for you.


You’re an escalator ride away from the dish section. This level will have anything you will need to fill your kitchen cabinets :).


(We’re running a little empty because our weekly dish shipment hasn’t come in yet.)


But don’t worry, your kids don’t have to stay and wait until you’re done. They can just ride on up to the toy section–that will keep them busy and happy!


Scooters to your boy’s liking, and custom bird houses for your daughters.



So stop on by and stay awhile.


So now you know something new about me–I used to be obsessed with Legos. I have a ton of sets, and I hadn’t opened the boxes I moved a year ago, until yesterday. You see, yesterday was the third day in a row that the clouds filed the sky like thick smoke from a roaring bonfire. And the rain was as endless as a GIANT jawbreaker.

Right when I opened the box, I got hooked all over again.

I have to confess, while I was re-building this set I had a couple of breakdowns. It was so hard to get it all together, all of the pieces were in separate bags from the other legos, but I swear 15% of the blocks that came with the set in the beginning were lost. So you might notice some empty holes or random colored pieces stuck in places :).

What hobby are you going to revisit during the rainy days of summer?


p.s. Did you notice a rather important missing piece? Watch for part 2, and the important piece will suddenly appear (since I found it in the attic tonight).


19 thoughts on “The Grand Emporium

  1. This was SO cool, Hayley!! (I especially liked the part about eating ice cream in the store. 😉 )
    You really did a great job with building this-I am very impressed.
    This summer, I’m going to try to do more arts and crafts, since I don’t have much time during the school year. 🙂

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  2. This is so cool! I’ve never been much into Legos, but we do have a lot because I have two brothers. 😉 But even though I don’t care so much about Legos, I love big sets like that. They’re so fun! 🙂 And I don’t know if you’re interested, but there is this great Lego YouTube channel. The guy posts stopmotion videos of Legos, and they’re pretty funny. Here is the link to the channel:
    ~Christian Homeschooler


      • Well, I don’t really know the sets we have, because they aren’t stored in sets, but there is this one gas station set, which is pretty fun. It came with gas station pumps, two vehicles, some gas station workers, and other small fun things. 🙂
        I’m glad you liked the channel. There are a lot of funny videos. 🙂

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