The little moments…




Juggling a schedule for two softball teams isn’t the easiest thing. And pitching (I also play short-stop) almost everyday is getting a little boring. I’m also getting tired of my dad and sister telling me I’m doing it wrong.


Babysitting a 4-month old baby is hard, especially when the baby starts crying and you have no clue what it’s crying about. It’s also the most fun I’ve had in ages.


But, I don’t know, watching Curious George with an adorable 4-year old is pretty fun too. Even though it’s sad when he doesn’t want to watch Paddington Bear, which was your childhood favorite.


Even though spring rain can be really annoying, stepping outside is still exciting. You never know  what new trees and flowers you’ll discover blooming and what birds you’ll hear singing.


And you never know who you’ll encounter swinging in solitaire on the tire swing.

The little moments in life are the ones we all should really cherrish. Because those are the times that will shape you into the person God wants you to be.

Feeling a warm 12-inch, yellow ball in your hand. A baby’s smile and laughter. Watching a not-so-exciting movie with a hilarious 4-year old. God’s creation bursting free. And of course–your PopPop swinging in solitaire.



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