Thanks mom


Dear Mom,

I want to start off by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry we didn’t do much for you yesterday (Mother’s Day)…. We really were going to! But we all were too tired Saturday night because your eldest daughter came home from college at 11:30 pm. (The college “trouble maker,” even though we all know she’s a good girl, because you raised her well.)

I’m also sorry I’m such a poohie daughter, I guess you just slagged a bit raising me… since I am your fourth.

Thank you for for being the awesomist (and weirdest) mom that could ever give birth to me, even though sometimes I wish you didn’t use it against us (me and your other weird daughters) so much!


No matter how much you and I fight, I still love you, just like we’re siblings. (And since we’re both the youngest, we both are expert whiners.)

And no matter how much you say you’re a terrible mom–you’re not. Since you might not believe me, let me say it a couple more times: you’re not, you’re not, you’re not! You are actually completely opposite; you’re the BEST mom anyone could ask for. All those other kids in the world are missing out because you. are. the. best. I know, I know, you embarrass us a lot but… I love ya. I mean if we didn’t have you, who would we laugh at?

I know this isn’t my best note to you saying how much I love you, but it’s already a day late–what do you expect?! Thank you for not giving up on me, because we all know I’m a handful. And I don’t know how many other moms in the world would be able to handle me :).

You’re amazing. Thanks–again.




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