No silky sweetness or shorts today

Yesterday was the first day of spring. But I doubted it when I woke up and found it had snowed again. (Will New England’s winter ever end?)


When we lived “down south,” we used to get up on the first day of spring and do some schoolwork in our PJ’s (just like every day).


After some school, our occasionally lax mom would let us cut our school day short, we would retire our PJs for shorts and flip flops and drive to Rita’s water ice. My family has had this tradition for about a decade.


Some of you probably have no idea what Rita’s water ice is (which is REALLY sad)! Its smooth, refreshing flavored ice, and boy do they have flavors! I’m talking Peeps, Swedish Fish, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Strawberry Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Mango, Birthday Cake. Oh my goodness… I never realized how many awesome flavors they make. And the list could go on and on.


On the first day of spring Rita’s water ice gives away a FREE cup of heavenly, scrumptious, ambrosial, silky sweetness. Their water ice is to die for!

It was sad that this tradition had to end since, apparently, New England doesn’t have Rita’s! Why would anyone move up here?

Oh, wait, my family did….


Yesterday it was snowing in Delaware (where I used to live) so none of my friends went to get Rita’s. They’re just big wimps. (But I love them to death.) The fact that it was snowing would have made it all the more fun! If we were still living down there, we would definitely had been there! Although we might have left the flip flops at home.

How did you celebrate the first day of spring?

♥ Hayley



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