About me!

My name is Hayley.

I’m a 12-year-old girl, and I am the youngest in the line of 4 girls.


I adore writing and I hope to be an author when I’m older. I love American girl dolls, I actually have a blog for dolls! You will often find me reading, creating art, dressing my dolls, blogging, or doing just about anything outside. And I’m practically glued to my camera.


You might wonder how I have time for all this; well, I’m home-schooled! I have never attended a day of school in a brick-and-motar school in my life (neither have any of my sisters). I often do math sitting with mom on my living room floor, read science curled up on the couch with my sister (and cool experiments in our kitchen), enjoy history with lunch most days, share writing and art at my co-op with friends, and lots of other fun subjects just about anywhere I can. I also love robotics! I competed in the World International Competition in Florida a few years ago and got to go to Legoland with my team and swam in the Gulf of Mexico!


I have two adorable dogs. Maggie is a white, curly Cockapoo we have owned her for 5 years. Bixby is a tall, gray Labradoodle we have owned for 2 years.

I’ve played softball since I was 4, and I love pitching. My two oldest sisters used to be extraordinary travel ball pitchers who are great coaches. (I hope to be as good as them someday!)


I just relocated to new England,  where I’m discovering lots of cool creatures in my backyard. But the move has been a bit hard for me considering it is 7 hours away from all my bestest friends and family. But I’m getting used to it and have been making great friends here. Since the move I have learned many important things about friendship I hope to share with you all sometime soon.

And that’s all for now!



36 thoughts on “About me!

  1. We have lots of different kinds of animals on our property, too! We have toads and frogs lay eggs every year in our pool cover. 😛 And every year, we take them out and put them in our makeshift pond. 😉



  2. Hey! It’s Shannon from MyDollLife! I want to be a writer to! I’m the oldest of three girls and a boy. I’ll be twelve in a month in a half! I love your pic! I have blond hair too!


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